Legions of Book

As published in issue 377 of The Wire (July 2015), here’s my joint review of two recent books about soundsystem/DJ culture, each of them impressive efforts of deep documentation and deliberate framing even as each takes a rather different approach to the project. Together, they further round out our understanding of the soundsystem as global

Panel People, Can Y’all Get Funky?

For anyone who missed our panel last week and would like to check out our conversation, I’m happy to report that it’s been archived here. But here’s an embed for your viewing ease — Video streaming by Ustream Thanks again to my eloquent interlocutors, all of whom had colorful stories & trenchant perspectives to share,

Tribal Greengo

I’m happy to announce, and not a moment too soon, that I’ve arranged some festive music for today. When I put together my first St. Patrick’s Day mix some years ago, it was an obviously tongue-in-cheek gesture. You might recall that I began with House of Pain before bringing in the romping stomp of the

Como Se Dice Gangsta (en Mexicano)

Late last week I came across an entertaining collection of Mexican pro-w33d songs. Among them was a narcocorrido by El Tigrilla Palma entitled El Rey de la Kush (take that, Dre!). Enjoying the juxtaposition between traditional musical style and utterly contemporary slanguage / thematics, I couldn’t help tweeting that it seemed “so gangsta” in its

Etnomusicología a lo Digital

I’m happy to report that tomorrow today I’m headed to Mexico City yet again. At this rate, I’ve been telling people, I expect to be relocating there permanently sometime in mid-October. I joke, but I do feel like the place keeps calling me. This time around my excuse is a lecture-demo I’ll be giving at

Post Postopolis Unpacking, Part 3: Reggaeton en DF

I don’t have as much to say about reggaeton in Mexico City as I do about hip-hop and graffiti, though it has often been an elefante in the room. Also, you don’t have to understand much Spanish to read this sort of writing on the wall — There are other kinds of reggaetony writing on

More Writing on the Walls: Graffiti En DF Addenda

A few things to add to my recent post about graffiti in Mexico City — First, Said Dokins, one of my guests at Postopolis, writes to share some supplementary materials — in particular, documenting the role played by women in “arte urbano”: También te mando unos links de los libros que nuestra editorial tiene actualmente

Post Postopolis Unpacking, Part 2: Graffiti en DF

Since my first trip to Mexico City, I’ve been struck by graffiti in DF — the amount, the quality, the style. From everyday tags to stencil ads, grand pieces to snarky jests, locally steeped and globally conversant, the ubiquity and diversity of graffiti in DF is quite stunning, as a few flicks from last week

Post Postopolis Unpacking, Part 1: Hip-hop en DF

The great irony of Postopolis!, as fellow blogger Nicola Twilley observes, is that the intense, consuming nature of the event itself tends to preclude much blogging about it. Add to the 60 or so presentations packed into 5 days the bewildering and inviting charms of Mexico City, and you’re lucky to make a virtual peep

Plans to Postopolise My Time

Next week’s Postopolis! DF happening is shaping up to be super stimulating and utterly exhausting. The schedule has been posted, and it boasts an array of guests that range from art/design-world titans to a dude who’s been diving DF sewers for three decades, and pretty much everything between and beyond. The diversity of participants is

¡Postopolis DF!

Readers of this blog should know my love for Mexico City by now, so it’s with great pleasure that I announce my participation in Postopolis DF! A 5-day conference-conversation on urbanism in one of the world’s most amazing cities… In other words, if you were thinking of coming to DF this summer, now’s a great

Paper Like Skin

Dr. Lakra in his studio — photo by Daniel Hernandez I’ll be playing some music tonight at the Good Life, from 9-11, as part of the afterparty of the opening of a new exhibition at the Boston ICA, the first US solo show of the work of Dr. Lakra. A tattoo artist who goes well

Two Gigs This Week, en Mexico!

I’ve been dying to get back to Mexico City since I first went there a couple years ago. I’m headed there today (primarily to attend the SEM conf) and will be staying through the weekend, and I’m excited to report that in addition to #sem09 I’ll be playing a couple gigs! Big thx to my

Pop Goes the World

There’s little I can add to all the tributes and reflections gumming up the web these days, but like so many others I feel compelled to say something. Inspired even. I found Andrew Sullivan’s and Jeff Chang’s posts pretty resonant, Jason King’s too, among others, and I’ve been particularly struck by all the MJ music

Muy Adhoc a los Microbuseros

That was quick. Reflecting on our latest pandemic scare and remembering such topical tropical fare as 2003’s Sars Riddim, I wondered aloud “about 4 hours ago” who would be the first to come up with a swine flu inspired track. /Jace chatted me up shortly thereafter to say that he had already been sent a


Basstown: Carl Craig : <I>Recomposed</I> & Versus carl craig + orchestra (tags: carlcraig techno orchestra collaboration video paris) DUTTY ARTZ » Blog Archive » Tribal Guarachero geko jones goes in search of 'Lo Mejor del Tribal' — aka cumbia-rave tracks from mexico city (tags: mexico mexicocity rave cumbia EDM tribal blogpost) if:book: On the Virtues

linkthink #439: Edward James Almost

MySpace.com – BIG CITY 101.3 FM BOSTON – BOSTON, Massachusetts – www.myspace.com/bigcityfm my favorite radio station in boston, hands-down (tags: radio boston caribbean reggae soca) todo mundo » Blog Archive » Throwback videogames, digital distro, and atavistic joy nice piece by kevin on the retro video game design trend in the wake of digital distribution

Cumbow Combow Combo

As I linkthunk yesterday, I was gassed to hear (via /rupture) a reggaeton-inflected remix of some Mexican cumbia (video here). I was doubly gassed tho to see it labeled “cumbow,” which I took to mean cumbia + dembow or, perhaps, “with (dem)bow,” as in cum bow, to employ a little Latin, a la the Spanish

linkthink #2940: Jihadi Chic Latte

it’s a peace scarf Julieta_Venegas_Eres_para_mi(SonideroNacionalCumbowRmx).mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) via /rupture, a mexican cumbia given a reggaeton remix :: i love the term “cumbow” — so apropos! (tags: mexican cumbia remix reggaeton mp3) Comfort food and complaints at a Cairo food stand – Los Angeles Times “…That doesn’t sound bad to Ahmed Ali Mahmoud, who left the

linkthink #5373: Fremd Im Eigenen Land

MC GRINGO- BLOG – – – LIVE FROM RIO DE JANEIRO mc gringo has a blog! (h/t masala) (tags: funkcarioca blog rio brazil germany) … [update: for some reason, several other del.icio.us.ly tagged items didn’t appear a few days ago, so here are a few that i’m “push” publishing] … Phonautogram – Thomas Edison –

linkthink #1924: Sonidero Hero

Under the Musical Spell of the Sonidero; Mexican D.J.’s Relay Messages, on Dance Floor and to the Homeland – New York Times on the NYC-mexico sonidero circuit — cumbia shoutouts as greeting cards ! (tags: nyt newyork mexico cumbia soundsystem sonidero transnationalism latinamerica) From VOICES: The Sonideros of Mexican Youth Dances abstract & photos of

linkthink #923602: Rubberband Bredrin Edição

GHETTO BASSQUAKE: Baile Bonanza Day – The Amazing Clay vamanos on rio’s amazing clay — incl some nice mp3 links (incl a mix) and a wicked video of clay rockin a MPC, also a link to man recordings’ blog (tags: funkcarioca mp3s mixes video rio blogpost) fat planet :: dj amazing clay i guess stu

linkthink #5647477

YouTube – RDC Mugen: Homer Simpson Vs. Predator Warrior bizarre mortal kombat-style face-off between homer and predator (tags: videogames predator thesimpsons humor youtube) WikipediaVision (beta) mashup tracking, in real time, anonymous edits to wikipedia via google maps (tags: mashup google web2.0 wikipedia visualization map webapp) Getting to roots of Mexican rock – CULTURE MIX –

And What? (pt.1)

¡Asi Somos Nosotros — y Que! by Francisco Palma Lagunas snapped (by me) @ UIA, Santa Fe, Mexico City, DF

Que Viva

make way: american express meets el angel de la independencia uptown Allow me a little (belated) unpacking, now back from Mexico City, where I swear I will return, clunky español and all, que pronto es posible. !Que ciudad! My principal reason for going was, as mentioned, to attend the biannual international meeting of the International