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August 27th, 2012

Bent Research & DJ Geekouts Galore

Yes, people! After last month’s epic Toneburst reunion, we’re keeping the Beat Research torch aloft with a very special session this Wednesday, August 29, featuring local DJ heroine Philomena (aka Ivanna B), mic-rocker Cathy Cathodic, & all the way from DC, a sistren from a kindred crew, the one & only DJ Bent from Anthology of Booty!

DJ Bent @ BR

In true BR spirit, Bent will be bringing along a presentational slideshow as featured in previous #djgeekouts hosted by the Anthology of Booty, most recently at the Allied Media Conference. Never shy about starting a serious convo about booty music, Bent reliably keeps things real, oo you can be sure that you’ll be getting a balanced meal of content and context this Wednesday, just how we like it.

For now, here’s a taste of Bent’s approach, an anti-jingoistic mix called “Can You Play Some Songs in English Please?” (a great title & one reason a slideshow could prove at least as good as, say, a t-shirt that reads “No Requests” on the front and “Happy Birthday” on the back):

‘Can you play some songs in English, please?’ mix by Djbent on Mixcloud

While we’re here (especially given the slow crawl of this blog lately), allow me to bring to your attention a couple other Beat Research-related treats. First up is a mix of my own I recently uploaded — and was thrilled to have played as part of the soundtrack to this past Saturday’s amazing nomadic Pic√≥ Picante ride (alongside some other tasty mixes, also embedded on that page). It’s the set I played at Pajaritos‘ party back in June, a wonderful excuse to geek out on some dancehall and reggaeton faves, mixed up with more recent floor-burners just for good measure. You can stream it via the Lil Birds’ Soundcloud, or DL the MP3 directly, or do a little digital trainspotting at this video version.

And, though I’m a little late in sharing it here, let me also point you to the very tasty set of skweee cooked-up by our guest from back in May, Radio Scotvoid – a full hour of straight-up skweee 45s. Very rare & sekweeete!



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