Albums & Remixes


Boston Jerk (2004)

Puppet Macbeth (2002)

No Substitute (2002)

Waste Management (2001)

Like the Moon (2000)

Instrumental (1999)

Remixes & Other Appearances

In 2004 Mashit Records released a 12″ of “A It Dat,” including a junglistic remix c/o DJ C:

Also in 04, I remixed Soulfege‘s “Sweet Mother”; they shot a video for it in Ghana —

In 2007 I remixed the toy piano stylings of Twink for the album Ice Cream Truckin’

And in 2008 DJ BC mashed up my raps with Big D and the Kids Table on Strictly Mixed & Mashed:

“Oo Yah Dood (Boston Jerk)”