Linkthink #6409: Tierra del Fuego – Lyndon Livingstone aka STONEZ – Port-of-Spain – Electronica / House / Club – housey-trancey T&T producer — check the trance mix of collie buds's "come around" !! (thx, brian) (tags: trinidad myspace trance techno house soca reggae remix) montag: Musique pour bébés this page links to some raymond scott audio i posted

Goodness Gracious

Great bailes of fire! Watch Cabide DJ rock the sampler de fogo — Can you imagine how that machine would go over in Jamaica? If all works out in the forbidding world of international travel, Cabide will be touring the US this fall, including stops at such Boston-area bastions of Brazil as Club Lido and

Linkthink #1033: Oldies One Oh Three

TRANS #11 Revista Transcultural de Música – Transcultural Music Review new issue :: music & youth culture in argentina + zoomusicology (tags: academic journal argentina buenosaires youth identititity cumbia rock spanish) La cumbia villera y el fin de la cultura del trabajo en la Argentina de los 90 article (en español) on cumbia villera, youth

Linkthink #0443: New American Menschery

hawgblawg: gothic bellydance per recent discussions, ted swedenburg links to a fascinating “goth bellydance” video, which is set, interestingly, to a custom refix by enduser of some _bollywood breaks_ material (tags: bellydance video arab middleeast US goth breakcore orientalism blogpost dance) YouTube – The Story of Rapper’s Delight by Nile Rodgers chic’s nile rodgers offers

Nico Nico Video (6 Month Version)

It’s hard to believe, but Nico passed the 6 month mark a week ago. I’ve been working intermittently on a Nico Concreto followup charting the last few months (the latter half of ol’ girl’s life), and tho I’m not completely satisfied with what I’ve assembled, if I don’t share it soon she’ll have become (if

How Fi Rob

Reminiscent of Fiddy’s early breakout track, the mighty Macka Diamond — of you nuh ready fame — shakes down the dancehall pantheon to hilarious effect on her new jam “Robbery” —      >> Macka Diamond, “Robbery” I esp appreciate the Junior Reid and Mavado bits. You may notice that the riddim propelling Macka D’s stealing spree

Linkthink #833: Beyond a Boundary

YouTube – Roots Manuva – Again & Again “With this record I was trying to tune into that old Channel One, Studio One aesthetic.” :: roots manuva hits that ball out the park on this lead single (prod. by shyFX?!) :: rodney da realest, u done know (tags: reggae hip-hop cricket caribbean video youtube london

Linkthink #328: Me So Corny

Lives and Letters: The Lion and the Mouse: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker “Stuart Little isn’t Gregor Samsa. He’s Don Quixote, turning into Holden Caulfield.” :: a wonderful little history of a wonderful little book (thx, O-dub!) (tags: book history library newyorker writing academic) colombia_04.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) a joyful rollicking accordion cumbia via /jace

Outside the Lines

You may have heard of the Lincoln-Obama “street art” mashup (gone awry?) here in Boston. It’s a striking image. And the Warholian facsimile effect / color scheme and larger-than-lifeness of the series — plus that (supposedly) unauthorized eye-patch — make it all the more arresting. Charlie’s got plans for it (tonight) — and, from the

Linkthink #93877: We Want Easy

Jamaica Land We Lgbt “A tribute to and expression of Jamaica’s sexual minorities in the struggle to overcome prejudice and violence and to assume their rights as citizens, as full human beings” (tags: jamaica sexuality homophobia blog violence nation politics politricks) Jamaica Land We Lgbt: Kenneth Reeves speaks out my former (gay black) mayor is

Linkthink #2111: Make It Take It? Daily News – : The Game, Timbaland, Sued Over ‘Put You On The Game’ a more recent case of saregama v. aftermath (tags: hip-hop sampling bollywood filmi copyright law) China’s All-Seeing Eye : Rolling Stone naomi klein on the rise of CCTV & other forms of surveillance in china — oh yah, and the

Where Do I Begin (To Tell the Story)?

As long as we’re on the topic of “Arab Face” I’ve decided to dust off and finish up this post that’s long been sitting in my drafts folder. (It’s post #100, and I’ve recently published #400, if that’s any indication of how long it’s been on a backburner.) There are countless twisty, tangly stories of

linkthink#2931: On the Radio

Oxford University Press: Foundation: Joseph Schloss “Based on interviews with many of the dance’s most significant figures as well as on four years of on-the-ground research in New York City, [Joe Schloss’s] _Foundation_ offers the first serious study of b-boying…” :: go joe! this gonna be good (tags: breakdance book academic ethnomusicology hip-hop dance) Der

linkthink #8942: <3normative

Straight Pride Parade to be Held in New York City – Yahoo! News “The Straight Pride Parade is a chance for Heterosexuals to gather together and proudly embrace their sexuality. … Adults are encouraged to bring their children along for the celebrations, as the event will be family oriented.” (tags: brooklyn newyork reggae dancehall jamaica

Duty Wine

11:29 AM a: hey duder morning! U-S-A me: and a happy independence to you too, good sir kinda gray so far, but we’re hoping it clears up a: ya no doubt when you headed over? me: oh we’re there now just dropped a grant at wholefoods a: hahaha wrd what should we bring? we’re just

linkthink #2303: Remember When Heavy Metal Was Scary

Welcome To ‘The Disco’: Music As Torture – “…Haj Ali, the hooded man in the notorious Abu Ghraib photographs, told of being stripped, handcuffed and forced to listen to a looped sample of Babylon, at a volume so high he feared that his head would burst.” (via caro) :: Babylon, eh? you don’t say

linkthink #611: Pound for Pound

Reggae Vibes presents Jamaica’s Weekly Music Countdown Charts top20 dancehall singles chart, up-to-the-time (thx, rachel) (tags: dancehall reggae jamaica charts) MASALA: Reggaeton de Aruba. The Dutch Tropics nice post on reggaeton in aruba, w/ lyrics in papiamento (tags: reggaeton caribbean aruba blogpost mp3) YouTube – bigcityfm’s Channel collection of videos from boston’s caribbean radio station,

Sticky! Sha3kira Ma3shup & “Arab Face”

Really enjoying the discussion on that sha3bi post — please help keep it going if ur so inclined. This post is mainly a way of bringing that discussion “to the top” but I might as well share a related find… It’s not embeddable, but this video mashup of a sha3bi song and a Shakira/Beyonce vid

Back Off, Man

wrt that mike davis piece i&i linkthink’d yesterday, my fren ben, who knows a thing or two about climate science, offers a (slightly) more upbeat, measured take — interesting. i admit that i’m surprised to hear that the London Society is ready to put the golden spike on the anthropocene. seems to me that geological

Doblando pa la Izquierda

I’ve been trying to get around to posting about Miti Miti, and since Geko Jones (notably, while making reference to the duo) and others have been wondering aloud again about the practice of global gobbledicrunk, while Kevin’s translating salsa songs & whatnot, today seems as good a day as any. Primero, I need to thank


now thats what i call enculturation — or as shatiie3456 says — AYY CO~OO PERO ESE Mii FUTURO MARiiDO HAHAHAH K LiiNDO BAiiLA ESE Nii~O TODO UN CUERiiTO MALOO BESHOO DiiOS LO BENDiiGA