Outside the Lines

You may have heard of the Lincoln-Obama “street art” mashup (gone awry?) here in Boston. It’s a striking image. And the Warholian facsimile effect / color scheme and larger-than-lifeness of the series — plus that (supposedly) unauthorized eye-patch — make it all the more arresting.

Charlie’s got plans for it (tonight) — and, from the Gallery XIV director, news!

The kids have been mobilized,
and they are starting to get pretty excited.
So far I’ve brought all my older groups (about 80 kids) to see the
wall , talk about it, and start creating their own colored versions.
Check out the pic of our first batch.
Much more to come … lots of potential directions.
What’s most exciting to me is this contagious feeling of empowerment
that is growing as the kids realize the connection between making an
artistic statement and becoming involved in the political process.
Most of them are too cool to admit it yet (at least to me).
More pics and maybe video to come.


The kids’ versions are vivid and provocative —

& it looks like they had some fun in the process —

more like these !