Duty Wine

11:29 AM
a: hey duder
morning! U-S-A
me: and a happy independence to you too, good sir
kinda gray so far, but we’re hoping it clears up
a: ya no doubt
when you headed over?
me: oh we’re there now
just dropped a grant at wholefoods
a: hahaha
what should we bring? we’re just getting around now
me: and we’ve got some farm-fresh meat too
long as it’s not raining, we’re grillin and chillin at least
it’s our patriotic duty
so when are you going to grill/what should we bring with?
me: not sure exact when we’ll start, depends who’s here
whenever — prolly a couple hours from now — and through the pm
a: kk, wrd
too bad its not so warm huh
me: um, in terms of bringing — we’ll have: some burgers, a couple sausage, asian slaw, potato salad, grilled corn/pineapple/peaches/bananas/asparagus, and watermelon
also, chicken and quinoa-beet salad
and we’ve got beer & wine
a: !!
me: so, um, not sure ?!
a: !!
me: patriotic DUTY mang
a: DUTY w(h)ine
me: oh man that’s sooo the title of my next blog post
a: =)
me: but, srsly, if you can think of anything else you might like ;)
a: uh i just got some greenzzzz
me: only red, white, blue today remember
a: but i’ll run that list by [redacted] and ask her
me: whatever’s clever
a: ah, ok
no prob
me: here’s hoping it warms up
i was joking about the colors
these colors don’t won