Nico Nico Video (6 Month Version)

It’s hard to believe, but Nico passed the 6 month mark a week ago.

I’ve been working intermittently on a Nico Concreto followup charting the last few months (the latter half of ol’ girl’s life), and tho I’m not completely satisfied with what I’ve assembled, if I don’t share it soon she’ll have become (if she’s not already) a totally different creature making new and exciting sounds and I’ll have an unwieldy amount of material on my hands (if I don’t already).

Enough kvetching already, here it is — a bit of “video music,” as DJ Flack would call it, with a little extra audio added and a less-than-stalwart commitment to the unities. Still, tho I play around a bit with time and pitch, for most of the piece the rhythms and melodies and chordal stabs are all indubitably Nico’s —

In contrast to the 0-3 month version, here I sacrifice any sense of faithful chronological order and focus instead on putting together a little musical vignette embodying a small slice of Nico’s ordinary soundworld for the last few months. For all its brevity (2.5 min), I understand the pace may be a little slow. I leave some loops to loop a little so that the awesomely serendipitous bits and pieces she plays accrue their own logic, but there’s less pure repetition here than a cursory glance may reveal. More often, a variation plays out, another voice enters, a new or familiar loop cuts in.

No one, I suspect — not even Rebecca (who thinks this could be half as long and much more varied) — will look on this with the same rapture and delight as I. That’s ok. Hope some of you enjoy anyway.