Muy Adhoc a los Microbuseros

That was quick. Reflecting on our latest pandemic scare and remembering such topical tropical fare as 2003’s Sars Riddim, I wondered aloud “about 4 hours ago” who would be the first to come up with a swine flu inspired track. /Jace chatted me up shortly thereafter to say that he had already been sent a

Feel the Vibes

via Eric Gunther — On Friday and Saturday this week, I will be presenting artworks for the body at WAVES AND SIGNS, a conference on low-frequency vibration, at CAVS, organized by Wendy Jacob. That’s right, a conference about vibration! On Friday, there will be a wildly diverse series of 10-minute talks on vibration. There will


Why didn’t I think of this? A little realtime autotune would go a long way toward making Nico’s recent adventures in parent-manipulation (i.e., whining, screaming, crying) a LOT easier to listen to — h/t @timeblind

One Song

Sick of that “One Love”? Try this one — [audio:]

Dub Research

Late notice on this, but if you’re inna di Cambridge area, some dubwise research a gwaan this pm — Michael Veal, professor of ethnomusicology at Yale, bassist, and the author of two interesting and informed books, Fela: The Life and Times of an African Musical Icon and Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae*

Beyond Perreo

I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow to attend EMP’s Pop Conference for the second time (the last time was back in 07). I think EMP might have the best vibes of any music conference I’ve attended (and I’ve attended a few). The reason is simple: it brings together people — generally academics and professional music writers

Now That’s What I Call Music Industry

@noz sez sometimes RT can mean “real talk”; here it’s both re: Lil B (RT @noz): The 19 year old Pack frontman currently maintains 114 myspace pages (not accounting for the “SECRETE” [sp] pages he hints at in blog posts) all launched over roughly the last eight months and each showcasing five or six original

Trading in Futures

Working on a little something about the dialectic(s) between dreadlocked aliens, Rastas in space (in reggae and sci-fi), and Jamaicans/Africans as “aliens” among us/US. If you have any other tips/refs in addition to these provocative pics (thx @rizzla_dj & @dizzyjosh for their Star Wars intel), do tell — Bonus points for anyone who can name

A La Plenísima

Plena is Spanish for ‘full.’ But it has other meanings too, depending where yr @ —                      In Puerto Rico, plena refers to street music played on panderetas (see, e.g., Sorongo‘s comments here). In Panama, plena refers to reggae — homegrown reggae en español in particular. The riddim method has been alive and well in