September 24th, 2008

Ali Had a Fruit Punch

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  • 1. geoff  |  September 25th, 2008 at 12:44 am

    the Dj noodles mixtape is cool.. but its kinda hard to listen to that “milli” sample for 40 mins without going crazy. enjoying the kardi version.

  • 2. geoff  |  September 25th, 2008 at 12:52 am

    also cool to see how many Obama references there are in this mixtape.

  • 3. Birdseed  |  September 25th, 2008 at 2:28 am

    Bulgarian A Milli version, don’t know if that counts as global:

  • 4. wayneandwax  |  September 25th, 2008 at 8:08 am

    thanks for that, BS. it’s “local” of course — if you live in bulgaria. but for me, it’s “global” / “international” / coming from somewhere other than here. i think you may be right that “global” feels like a misnomer here — really lil wayne’s version is the only that’s truly heard worldwide/globally — but when we consider all the international versions alongside each other, i don’t think it would be wrong to speak of “a milli”s global reach.

  • 5. rachel  |  September 25th, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    hmm still dubious of exploitation film “feminism” tho i see where the literalness or rawness could be fresh? powerful at least. The writer mentions an 80s cult film, surprised she didnt mention I spit on your grave. Theres a long history of non zombie/monster rape revenge movies, an inspiration behind kill bill.

    naija millie:

  • 6. el lobo solo  |  September 25th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    noodles is trippin to overlook kingdom’s millibars!

  • 7. el lobo solo  |  September 25th, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    noodles is trippin to over look kingdom’s millibars.

    i’d link it but your blog filters .info domains!

  • 8. wayneandwax  |  September 26th, 2008 at 6:18 am

    akismet is trippin to block them links! fixed it. thx — kingdom’s version was one of the first underground examples i remember hearing.

  • 9. wayneandwax  |  September 26th, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    by the way, rachel, me (dubious) too. and so is the author of the original rant, i think. (which is why i called it an account/critique.) it seems pretty sarcastic throughout.

    & thx for the additional millis!

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