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  • great post by rachel (as usual) wrt the use of 'ghetto' wrt africa and the depiction thereof in recent film(s) :: "Ok so I'm super amused by a dutch (ngo?) called ghettoradio which posts videos and radio from the 'ghettos' of Africa. Theres something really problematic about what they are doing, namely totally aestheticising the poverty of others, so I was surprised to enjoy them." :: rather than employ any of the fraught terms in the subject of her blogpost, rachel finally decides to "just go with 'informal settlements found in cities in the developing world, most which lack clean water, electricity, sanitation and other basic services.' which = ~ 50-90% of most urban populations. Thus, not a minority with its own subculture but most people in cities, whose music culture often dominates national radio."
  • online source for (streaming) nollywood films (thx, rachel)
  • early 2006 interview w/ kode9 in which he discusses "halfstep" drum'n'bass as well as some of the diffs btwn dubstep & dnb aesthetics, pharmacologies :: "For me there’s a strain of drum and bass that—without being influenced by dubstep—clearly has the same elements … that steppy subby sound, and the Amit kind of more halfstep stuff… I know people like Amit and Klute come to dubstep nights and they like the sound­ … if dubstep can have an influence on drum and bass, it might help pull the speed down a little bit and just focus things more around the subbass again as opposed to those kind of midrange distorted basslines which kind of took over everything and please an audience who are on lots of pills and speed. Thats not really the vibe of a dubstep night; you know it’s mostly a skunk, mostly a weed smoking audience as opposed to people on uppers."
  • jaydabbler offers up 'a mix of "half-step" Drum and bass, heavily influenced by dubstep (or the other way around, hard to say)' :: interesting concept, novel way to engage with dubstep (influence) from w/in d'n'b, esp given the former's creeping influence on / eclipsing of the latter :: if you dig the rhythms/feels of dubstep, but prefer 180bpm to 140, this is 4 u!

videyoga :: this guy is a 2008 macarthur fellow, which serves to remind me, as with every year, what an uncool slacker i am (h/t leor) —