Dungeons & Dubstep

  • hank shocklee is my hero, for real :: here he talks about dubstep (and offers up his own d-step mixx), his west indian heritage, the reggae album he's working on with his bro (!!), film scoring, and the state of hip-hop and music industry (and laziness) :: dude doesn't mince words :: e.g., re: playing it safe in pop music, "You not only have to be middle of the road in terms of your content, but also your consciousness. If you project any status outside of that, your pop status is struck off. The pop culture business is monitored all the way round. Look at hip hop – it’s not saying anything any more. Hip hop used to be the voice of people. Who are the stars and what are they really talking about? I’m quite sure Lil Wayne is just as much of a rebel as he wants to be. He’s a rebel in every other aspect of his life – why is he not on record? Jay Z is a big icon, but at the same time, why are his records so safe?" (h/t earplug)
  • video doc on bleaching (creams) in jamaica :: a sad story, bearing witness to the enduring legacies of colonial hierarchies of value :: tho i'm not sure the phenom is as recent as this makes it out to be, and what's up with that chintzy garageband one-drop soundtrack :: bad man nuh bleach with cream
  • i'll have to write more about this subject sometime (i.e., archiving hip-hop), but IMO cornell has taken a BIG step in the right direction with its recent acquisitions :: it's all about ephemeral (material) culture and oral history :: if harvard had it's shit together and cared more about the contents of their archive than the architecture of their offices, their (non-existent) hip-hop "archive" would be moving in this direction :: e.g., who is working to secure/digitize/archive the enormous record collections of pioneers like herc, flash, and bambaataa? can someone do this PLEASE before they get broken up and sold on ebay? this stuff matters much much more than $chmancy conferences /end rant
  • yet another looooooooong list of "derivative works" in bollywood (via birdseed)

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