December 16th, 2008


It’s that time of year again, even if the incongruously balmy weather suggests otherwise. So, this past weekend Bec & I made another set of black cakes. This time, in anticipation, we started the fruits soaking in black-strap rum and Manischewitz a couple weeks in advance. And man, did they come out sweet.

To vibe with the Caribbean Christmas recipe, we listened to a whole heap of panang of course (h/t). How can you go wrong with songs about how great it is to eat a food and drink a rum and have a jolly time with friends & fam? Well, I s’pose you could introduce daggering to the whole(some) equation–

Dagger Dagger (2008 St. Lucia Parang) – Mantius Cazaubon

In a slightly more (?) traditional vein, some friends around the ol’ ‘osphere have been putting together some xmassy mixes. I highly recommend Gavin’s and Siebe’s seasonal selections. Plus, DJ BC put together another Santastic comp, which includes a bassliney / dubsteppy remix of the Chanukah song by my partner in Beat Research, DJ Flack.

For my own part, I’m sorry to report that for a third straight year I have failed to put together another Christmas mix of my own, but for those of you who haven’t yet heard it, or — as with things like It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story — are happy to revisit such fare every December, allow me to point you once again to my “Remix-mas” (originally posted here):

Wayne&Wax, “Remix-mas” (30 min, 28 mb)

My failure to produce is not exactly for want of trying. Over the last few years I’ve put together a couple flailing attempts at Christmashy things, some more successful than others. Most of them quite odd (nature of the beast?). If you’re in the mood, have a listen / read on —

2005TOK vs. Johnny Mathis, “do you bun what i bun?”

2006Jacob Miller + Nat King Cole, “The Blazing Yule (Dread the Halls)”

2007“refried pasteles”

We’ll see. I may yet have another odd attempt in me. Til then, hope these (good) tide(ings) you over!


  • 1. rizzla  |  December 16th, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    everything goes better with some dagga dagga dagga, including Jesus’ supposedly virgin birthiday. I really give packs of Kartel’s Daggering condoms to people for christmas gifts, if I could only find them to order.

  • 2. wayneandwax  |  December 16th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    gimme likkle juke, gimme likkle juke, gimme likkle gimme likkle juke for the christmas!

  • 3. Nina  |  December 16th, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    *sigh* I got mah fruit macerating in rum, not sure if I will ever have the chance to make the danged cakes.
    Yours sure look good!

  • 4. johnny  |  December 24th, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Not likin the use of that TOK song, its like doing a mashup of burning books

  • 5. wayneandwax  |  December 24th, 2008 at 7:59 am

    A mashup of burning books? Now, that’s downright poetic, Johnny.

    It should go without saying that I have major problems with the TOK song. If you read the text connected to that mashup, you’ll see that I think it’s rather pernicious for TOK to have used such a common, catchy melody to propel their stupid hatred. The mashup was a way for me to make fun of TOK, though, to point out the utter ridiculousness of suturing such an awful message to a Christmas song.

    But, yeah, it’s not for everybody.


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