Time For Another One of Those Egg-Noggin’ Beats

Well, it’s that time of year again. According to teh shopping centers, it’s been that time of year for a few weeks now. And I’ve gotta say that I’m as righteously indignant, if not as homicidal, as Junichi that we now find ourselves prepped for shopping season by Chri$tma$ jingles before it’s even Thanksgiving.

It remains a major pet-peeve of mine to hear X-mas muzik outside the Thanksgiving evening – Christmas dinner corridor. Enough’s enough. Which is why I took down last year’s X-mas mix long ago. I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone listening in the off-season. But it’s time now. I’ll concede that. And so I point you once again to “Remix-mas” — a Christmas Smashacre of sorts.

Wayne&Wax, “Remix-mas” (30 min, 28 mb)

I should also mention, tho I hesitate a tad, that I worked on a new seasonal tune recently. You see, I was hoping to contribute a track to DJ BC’s newest comp, Santastic 2: Clausome (which you all prolly saw @ boingboing) — as did my fellow Riddim Methodist, DJ Flack, among others — but, as you’ll hear, my attempt ended up more Charles Ives than Burl Ives. So it goes. I modestly withdrew my submission, and offer it up here — as a warning to those who think a mashup takes no more than a little cheap software and a capricious sense of harmony: find yourself at your mom’s place with nothing but two x-mas mp3s on a new laptop and try to make that work, smartguy.

And now that I’ve built up your expectations, allow me to share,

Wayne&Wax (Jacob Miller + Nat King Cole), “The Blazing Yule (Dread the Halls)”

Have a holly jolly —