Bent Research & DJ Geekouts Galore

Yes, people! After last month’s epic Toneburst reunion, we’re keeping the Beat Research torch aloft with a very special session this Wednesday, August 29, featuring local DJ heroine Philomena (aka Ivanna B), mic-rocker Cathy Cathodic, & all the way from DC, a sistren from a kindred crew, the one & only DJ Bent from Anthology of Booty!

DJ Bent @ BR

In true BR spirit, Bent will be bringing along a presentational slideshow as featured in previous #djgeekouts hosted by the Anthology of Booty, most recently at the Allied Media Conference. Never shy about starting a serious convo about booty music, Bent reliably keeps things real, oo you can be sure that you’ll be getting a balanced meal of content and context this Wednesday, just how we like it.

For now, here’s a taste of Bent’s approach, an anti-jingoistic mix called “Can You Play Some Songs in English Please?” (a great title & one reason a slideshow could prove at least as good as, say, a t-shirt that reads “No Requests” on the front and “Happy Birthday” on the back):

While we’re here (especially given the slow crawl of this blog lately), allow me to bring to your attention a couple other Beat Research-related treats. First up is a mix of my own I recently uploaded — and was thrilled to have played as part of the soundtrack to this past Saturday’s amazing nomadic Pic√≥ Picante ride (alongside some other tasty mixes, also embedded on that page). It’s the set I played at Pajaritos‘ party back in June, a wonderful excuse to geek out on some dancehall and reggaeton faves, mixed up with more recent floor-burners just for good measure. You can stream it via the Lil Birds’ Soundcloud, or DL the MP3 directly, or do a little digital trainspotting at this video version.

And, though I’m a little late in sharing it here, let me also point you to the very tasty set of skweee cooked-up by our guest from back in May, Radio Scotvoid – a full hour of straight-up skweee 45s. Very rare & sekweeete!