Vulture Shark Sculpture Park*

A few weekends ago, me & B & the Neeks visited the Decordova Museum in nearby Lincoln, MA. It’s a favorite spot of ours for taking a stroll or having a picnic, and we were gassed to bring Nico to a place filled with such marvels.

I was pretty amused, actually, by her bemused reactions to things like giant concrete cats, and it made me wonder how she assimilates stuff like that into her consciousness right now. I mean, she’s only been to so many parks at this point, and she must be trying to figure out — if only subliminally — how often she should expect them to be filled with giant sculptures of every conceivable make and medium. It’s not going to be the same (relatively high) proportion that it is at this point, I’m sorry to say.

Anyway, on the crisp, sunny autumn day we visited the park, lots of the pieces were quite captivating (and I snapped shots of several), but one piece stood out as absolutely stunning: Pine Sharks by Kitty Wales. The shot above captures the three figures together, floating in the pines; the three below offer some details and different angles —

* the title of this post comes from prolly the most self-referential MC Paul Barman track title I could possibly imagine — sums up his style in six simple syllables