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  • "Somehow, the n-word has found its way back into hip-hop's critical zeitgeist: I'm interested in exploring, as a Dominican New Yorker, how we as a community have propagated it. Recently, due to the mounting criticism of Boricua rapper Fat Joe's use of the term eight albums deep into his career (including his latest, The Elephant in the Room), Latinos are being challenged to introspect. … Many folks in our parents' generation have rejected their blackness—I have older Latino neighbors who won't vote for Barack Obama simply because he's black—but those generations more informed by hip-hop are embracing their Afro-Latino identity and evolving past our own self-hatred."
  • a 10-minute selection of yours truly's favorite riddim, the mad mad / diseases (aka johnny dollar, aka golden hen, aka dutty rub), focusing mainly on 1980s post-diseases productions :: i've got an 80 minute mix on this riddim, including the zunguzung meme, based on my dissertation research (which tells the intertwined histories of hip-hop and reggae by following the mad mad riffs from JA to BX/BK and back again), which i really need to get around to bouncing down
  • quite a selection of riddim mixes here, offering 10 minute snapshots of some of jamaica's most well-worn, well-loved accompaniments
  • "Because his source material is generally pulled from dubstep, ragga, outré hip-hop, found sounds, and other indigenous musics, those tapestries can often sound political. Clayton has such a global, democratic ear and such a knack for soupy unease that it's difficult not to hear his mixes, at least partly, as commentary pieces." :: soupy unease, i like that; i like this mix too :: sink deep, ya heard?

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