This Is Happening Now

As. I. Type. Cabide DJ is on Mofo Radio at WZBC here in Boston, playing live MPC routines (sometimes with his feet) and promising to offer up a Miami Bass -> Funk Carioca history lesson a little later. If you’re reading this around the time of posting, TUNE IN NOW — there’s still 2 hours left!

If you’re late to this, here’s how he introduced himself —

     >> Cabide DJ, “a special set for his american tour”
     (Live MPC throw-down on Mofo Radio :: 15min/20mb)

As Gregzinho translates, Cabide notes that what you hear here is “not really funk carioca” but instead, something he put together for American audiences. He’s gonna be playing for us Americans for an hour-and-a-half tomorrow night, starting around 11:30. What’s Portuguese for bonkers?

Update!: After playing that “American” MPC set, Ghostdad asked Cabide to play something a little more carioca, so he obliged with a set based on his opening routine for his party in Rio. I quick ripped that too —

     >> Cabide DJ, “what opens his party”
     (Live MPC throw-down on Mofo Radio :: 7.5min/10mb)