Bean Research

Longtime local pal and fellow Riddim Methodist, the mighty Pacey Foster, has been working on a history of hip-hop in Boston — a project that began as a commission to write a chapter for a book on regional hip-hop scenes and which has gradually expanded into something much larger as musical-social networks have led him into many an interesting, obscure corner of the sprawling, brawling Beantown scene.

I can only imagine all the things Pace’ll do with the interviews he’s recorded & music he’s collected, in addition to the chapter (which I’ve read and which is great). The book isn’t out yet, but I’m excited to report that he’ll be sharing some sonic fruits of his studies this coming Monday at Beat Research.

Extraspecially, Pace is gonna share some vintage tapes from Boston radio legend Magnus’s pioneering hip-hop show, Lecco’s Lemmas. He tells the story over at his recently rekindled Library of Vinyl blog, to which I’ll kindly point you for the low-down.

Allow me, tho, to end with a juicy teaser: an excerpt from an interview Magnus did with none other than MC Keithy E, better known as Guru (pre-Preem!), back when he was still representing in (if not for) Boston, promoting his latest work (alluringly, he tells Magnus that he also like to “sing a little”!), & despite having recently defected to Brooklyn like most of the even half-decent talent around here eventually does. (That’s a big part of the story of Boston hip-hop, btw — how the scene, as Pacey subtly subtitles it in his chapter, “remained underground.”) If this doesn’t pique your curiosity, I dunno what would — perhaps pictures of Rusty the Toejammer with the NKOTB in the back? Naw, this is the real gold — just a taste tho…

Boston headz, a heads up: we’re gonna air the tapes on the early side this Monday, between 9:30 and 10pm, then get on with a good 3 hr party, splitting duties between Pace, yours truly, and DJ Flack. (During which Pace will no doubt be dipping into what he recently dubbed Beantown Boogie.) I’ve been known to mash and smash the music of Boston myself, so I may dip into my local bag too. Should be good, dood. See ya there —