Simply Smashing

Before I get too deep in the Windy Windy, I gotta send a little musical farewell to my dear hometown.*

A follow-up to last year’s “Boston Mashacre,” the “Boston Smashacre” has been in the works for a while.

It’s not just a sequel, though. It’s a different thing in kind.

I’ve made a page for it, featuring some exposition/explication and an annotated tracklist, which I’m going to point you to in a hawt minute. (Not that hahdcore Bawstonians say “hot minute,” or anything, but if they did, they’d pronounce it ^^that way.)

But, first, allow me to mention that you can access the “Smashacre” in a variety of ways —

You can either stream the mix with the embedded player on the “Smaschare” page, download it as an mp3, or — and I strongly recommend this option — you can get it specially delivered to your cpu/pod/etc via the brand, spanking new w&w podcast, i.e., the “waxcast”: just copy the xml link below and paste it into whatever it is you use to subscribe to ‘casts (e.g., iTunes), and — ├é┬íPresto! — by the magic of xml, I’ll deliver semi-regular, relatively longform musically-expressed ideas about music directly to YOU, dear reader listener.

Aright aready, go get smashed.

gifford by u know who

*Of course, as it happens, I’m headed back this weekend and will be sharing some recent findings at Beat Research this Monday.