All My Hats At Once

tis the season for donning hats & maybe getting clobbered by a classmate

Last Wednesday night I was the guest of Emily Corwin, host of The Neighborhood, a weekly radio show broadcast from Cambridge/MIT on WMBR. As she billed it

With trusty laptop in tow, Wayne wears all his hats at once –– musician, academic, DJ, and critic –– for one groovy and thought-provoking hour.

— and I think I did a decent job living up to that tall order. It was a somewhat freewheeling, realtime conversation, so we never got into nu-world matters as promised, but we did talk a lot about how I got into hip-hop, became a rapper, found my way in Kingston and produced a rather unconventional audio accompaniment to my dissertation. In the process, we talk race, place, bass, and battymen, among other topics, and I play some of my own productions and remixes and do a wee bit of clumsy juggling on the dog-gone Diwali. If that sounds like your bag, give a listen:

Emily Corwin’s The Neighborhood (12/17/09)