Too Much Informatics


First, I’ll be making another radio appearance — this time far briefer — via Benjamen Walker’s new show on WFMU, Too Much Information. Friends and longtime readers know that I’ve been a fan of Ben Walker’s programs for some time now. For those who aren’t familiar, Benjamen has been making some of the raddest radio around for years (e.g., Your Radio Nightlight and Theory of Everything, both of which deserve better archiving).

Benjamen took something of a hiatus in recent years to work on other things, so I’m psyched to hear him back on the air with a weekly program. Even better, TMI airs on FMU from 6-7pm, directly preceding /Rupture’s Mudd Up!, so you can lock into WFMU every Monday evening for a couple solid hours of aural provocation.

For tonight’s show, I spoke with Benjamen about the “most popular post” on this year. (Technically speaking, I should note that we limited the search to posts created in 2009; the most popular singular post at W&W remains 2007’s “Zunguzung Meme.”) Although it took me a little while to make sense of the various SiteMeters and Analytics available to me, it turned out that the most read — or at least arrived at — post on W&W in 2009 was “Dem Nuh Ramp,” which considered the legal troubles swirling around Vybz&Spice’s “Rampin Shop.” (Incidentally, my posts on “Dreadlocked Aliens” and “Treble Culture” were in hot pursuit of the #1; and I’ve gotta say that I’m heartened by the fact that some posts with actual substance — as opposed to zeitgeisty key words or potentially salacious images — are the ones that prove popular.)

Here’s how Ben puts my appearance on his show into context:

NEW TMI tonight! Hear what was the most popular for,,,, Dan Sinker and Tim Kreider. Plus a visit to the facebook christmas party! AND your host recalls his failures of 2008 and 2009 with the most popular thing of 2009 right under his nose!

So, sorry about the spoilers re: my own site, but do tune in to hear the full/rest!

Speaking of FB, which I’ve still managed to avoid joining despite that such stubbornness continues to produce a certain social invisibility and increasingly serious barriers to my research, have you heard about the Italian art project that facilitates a dignified and artful way to commit “virtual suicide”? Check out before the ZuckerBorg shuts it down with spurious legal challenges. And mark my words:

     2010 is the year for MASS FACEBOOK SUICIDE!

either that or finally giving in.

Finally, the other part of tonight’s BIG NIGHT is happening here in Cambridge at BEAT RESEARCH. Joining me and Flack behind the bricks, are none other than TWO of our favorite erstwhile hometown heroes, DJ Yamin (now via Nawlins) and BR co-founder DJ C (now based in Chitown). It’s sure to be a good time, perhaps even more “party” than “experimental.” Come shake off those Christmas calories!