Up-to-the-Time, Down-to-the-Minute

It’s hard to keep up with dancehall’s now ting from farin, which is why I’m both grateful to and surprised by the way some London brethren keep up on things. Of course, London’s a very Jamaican place at this point, but so’s Boston, in certain corners, and I guess I just gotta get out more. (Fat chance, eh Nico?)

At any rate, thanks to London blog like Heatwave and Vanity of the Vanities, I’m feeling pretty caught up at the moment. Check these two sets of selections, including a judicious overview of the contempo scene from V of the V, for some round-to-the-hour hypeness —

Heatwave, “Rowdy Bashment 2007”


Vanity of the Vanities, “Unknown Number”

Dare I say that dancehall’s back into one of its regular upswings in energy and creativity? I dare — and that’s despite (or b/c of?) what Dave Stelfox has hailed (mourned?) as Jamaica’s full-on embrace of the digital.

And is it just me, or is 17 the new 27? I mean, raaaaatid, Steven “di Genius” McGregor is not only proving himself a prodigy, he’s downright prolific. Got some range too, as evidenced by the several riddims of his running thru that Vanities mix.

It occurs to me that — pon the Yankee side — Souljah Boy Tellem is also 17. As is my favorite yung juke producer, DJ Nate. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that means they’re all 90s babies.

wtf is in the water these days? can i get sum?