Pon Pause

Sorry for the relative silence here, dear reader. Extra-bloggical events have been conspiring against any sort of postage — never mind the kind of post-Rio debriefing I’ve been planning to get up here. Among other things: the aforementioned dead laptop, the intense march to the end of the semester, too much travel, including a lovely several days in NC for thxgvng, and finally: upon return to Cambridge this Monday, Bec&I found that some deadbeat neighbor had broken into our apt over the weekend and availed himself of a brand new MacBook (but remarkably, nothing else — a quick hit, I guess). ::sigh::

What’s funny is that what feels like the greatest loss — not unlike my lost (then recovered!) Rio pics — is not the $1500 laptop but the priceless jade plant that we’d been cultivating for 6 years & which felt like a thriving/struggling symbol of our domesticity. It gave me great joy to watch it grow in fits and starts. The poor thing was unceremoniously thrown out the window that gave it light in order to make room for climbing through. I found it lying in the yard, bloated, cold, sad, & starting to stink.

So, yeah, we’ve been wa(y)ning more than waxing of late, we know. But, as the title implies, ebb&flow —

… thx for checking in …

— hasta pronto