Panem et Celticses

seen & heard

from the rafters —

mostly rave anthems, crunk hits, & arena rock staples

& during “the celtics dancers” big routine, something like (if) a girltalk tittybar mixtape

&& the celts were introduced, BIG as could be to the over-the-top epic strains of “lux aeterna” (e.g.) !!

(which always reminds me of this, which is a weird/uncomfy thing of which to be reminded)

a billion blinking ads

(&, to my amusement, a godzilla-sampling ytmnd vid to encourage the always-already gratuitous stomp-stomp-clap-along to “we will rock you” [quite like this one])

america runs on

(the cultural logic of)

latte capitalism

from the rafters —

an illusory position in the panopticon:

nice seats.