I was hoping to have quite a post to share with you, as I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Rio. It was gonna be a downright aquarela da favela, complete with some really lovely pics of Vidigal at twilight. (I spent most of Sunday hanging with some kind favelados there.) The sad, sad news is that after transferring my photos to my laptop — and deleting them from my camera — my dang drive died.

So I’m reeling right now, wondering what I’ve lost for good, how to remember what’s on my calendar, etc. The photos feel like the biggest loss at the moment, but there’s plenty else that I’ll never recover. Comes with the territory, yeah, but that’s hardly consolation. So, sorry for the silence, which may continue for a bit as I try to reassemble all the bits and bytes of my life.

Obrigado for bearing with me. Hope to regale with tales from Rio, but alas no photos, muito pronto.