I Am Curious! What Beat Does Your Soul Emanate On?

I think a lot of the critical hoo-ha that followed in the wake of SF/J’s miscegenationist broadside could have been averted had we all paid closer attention to the Monkees.

Take the following clip, discussed by fellow Riddim Methodist Pacey Foster way back when, in which Charlie Smalls demos the difference between white and black soul for the utterly ingenuous Davy Jones —

If you think that’s a lucid breakdown (“Ringo plays the hardest 1 and 3 I’ve ever heard in my life” ;), things become a lot clearer when Frank Zappa gets into the mix. Note, in partic — tho the whole thing is well worth watching — the (intentionally sardonic?) discussion of soul and complex meter beginning around 1:38 —

Finally, not sure where to begin with this totally boingboingable img, but it seems somehow relevant, and the gods of synchronicity (thx, pat b!) made it land in my inbox this morning —