Prodigal Guns and Hip-hop Cops

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy alleges he was set up by the “hip-hop cops.” Listen >>>

Pull quotes —

The hip-hop cops, they all over us, son.

When they locked me up, they tried to get me to set up 50 Cent. … They told me to plant stuff in his car and they’d let me walk.

We gotta put cameras in our car. … And when they pull you over, you press record. … How much it cost to buy a car? It costs a lot of money, so you might as well take a few extra thousand and put some cameras in there, man.

These niggas don’t know, they only making me stronger. Like, they really crazy. Locking Prodigy up? Are you crazy? You know what you doing by doing that? You’re making me Malcolm X right now. I’m about to really go in right now. It’s on right now, y’knomesayin?

The hip-hop cops, they told me straight up and down, last time they pulled me over. They was like, “Yo, son, get used to seeing us. We’ve been assigned to you. So get used to seeing us.”

But you know what? That’s illegal. That’s called profiling. That’s called racial profiling. They profiling us ’cause we black rappers, y’knomesayin. And we rich. And we making money. So they profiling us, and that’s illegal. They’re not allowed to do that, y’knomesayin. Like, straight up and down, I don’t care what kind of “task force” they’ve got. It’s illegal for you to profile people just because they rich and they black, y’knomesayin.

…locking me up for 3 years? They don’t understand how strong they making me right now, yo. Like, my team is about to go crazy on the street. Mark my words.

You know I’m getting to work. I’m about to shoot, like, 15 videos right now. I’m about to go in right now. Like, these niggas have no idea what they’ve done right now for me, y’knomesayin. Like, straight up and down, I see things so clearly right now, it’s a motherfuckin rap, son. Like I’m tryna tell people, whoever’s listening: stop fuckin puttin rims on your car, stop buying all this fuckin faggot-ass jewelry that they stealing from people in Africa anyway, and just put cameras in your car. … Think about your safety, think about surveillance, and fuck that. … Protect yourself.

There’s about to be a whole lot more wakin up. I’m about to shake this motherfucker up. Watch this. … Get ready, son. It’s on.

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