The People in Your Neighborhood

Something is poppin’ in the state of Denmark.

Troels (of Firehouse Sound) recently hipped me(space) to Lady Smita, a Roxanne Shante song-embedding dancehall diva who makes punaany-power traxx with digital Danish producers like Maffi, uses Boba Fett for her profile pic, and starts her heroes list like so —

Which made me think: the MIA is a timely meme, an interesting meme, a catchy meme. May a thousand more poco / pomo riot grrl DIY media-savvy MCs bloom. (E.g.)


a little closer to home (but still on the internet), I recently stumbled upon this funky, dancehall-inflected, chintz-synth-trumpet wielding “dhol beat” over at the webpage for one of my favorite local Indian restaurants. (Haven’t made a proper announcement yet, but I moved back to Cambridge not long ago, which I’m v happy about.) Inman Square’s Punjabi Dhaba is the bomb, if you didn’t know. Good, cheap eats & bhangra videos on repeat. & what a treat it was to find this fine splash music. I’ve already played it out twice. Nice!

Unattributed, “Dhol Beat”

&& = go-go whirl media archive (episode 4,526,367) !!