House Kwasa Kwasa House

I still haven’t been able to send him those guitars, but Red Pepper has the Ruff Riddims studio up and running (and blogging!) — and it’s not like there aren’t guitars or guitarists in Botswana.

Indeed, the first track I’ve heard out of the studio, “Dumelang” by Skeat (pronounced Skee-tee), is an ebullient bit of kwasa house (aka, house kwasa), including that trademark kwasa-kwasa guitar (nodding to the noodly lines of soukous). No doubt it’ll be a local hit. But will Vampire Weekend fans dig it?

Skeat, “Dumelang”

Skeat’s 17. Lots more songs in him. In this occasionally audible interview, he sounds young and confident about his mix of “traditional, house kwasa, kwaito.” I look fwd to hearing more.

Plus, the hip-hop/reggae/r&b of Tebza Rocker! Stay tuned–