Calculater, Termigrader

Given my own pet peeve around encountering holidayaganda too well before — or at all directly after — one of our days of nationally ritualized good cheer, I’m sorry to leave that last post up so long. If you’re asking, “Did you have to let it linger?,” in a light brogue falsetto, well, yes, I did — it’s been grading time, you see. &my Excel-Fu is really not cutting it these days. F’real, I’m on some ol white belt form(ulae) —

But allow me to note that there are some conversations happening on a few posts (e.g., here and there), and — unless the Italian vi_@Gra-hockers get to be too much for me — I hope they can continue for a bit. (&indeed, I plan to weigh in again soon.)

Which reminds me to remind you, if u haven’t noticed, that we at w&w have added a “recent comments” thingy to the sidebar >> as well as a “linkthink” sxn >> which is essentially a feed, &thus will be one of the more active regions on this here site.

more soon —

audiyoga ::