Ready for the Road (and the Remix)

With carnival jumping off in T&T over the next week — & Mardi Gras a week from today — tis the season for Trini artists to roll out the big guns: tunes so massive that they run the road once the marching begins (not to mention before and after all is danced and done). The

Beat Research – Jan 08

I’m not so good about keeping this page updated, which is why I link to the Beat Research site over on the sidebar there>> At any rate, we’ve got some great guests lined up for the next month. Here they are, descriptions snipped&chopped from the BR website — Jan 14 :: DJ Paul Dailey and

Hordes on Shopping Sprees?

If by “liberal bias,” the NYT is accused of taking pointed liberties with the language they employ, well then, count me as another critic. Take, e.g., a couple recent items demonstrating the Grey Lady’s ongoing implicit prejudice against the plight of Palestinians (via the always astute, and acerbic, angryarab and leninology), dehumanizing and trivializing as

Any Generous Erstwhile Shredders Out There?

Wanna have a direct hand in helping a fledgling but promising Botswana-based studio get its groove on? Help inject a little kwasa-kwasa into some Southern African crunky reggae? Well, if you’ve got a working strat or telecaster or any ol’ electric guitar really — & a bass guitar is wanted as well — I’ve got

Here, Blonde Hair Always Means Money

A charming video about / promoting MC Gringo, Rio’s funky Alemão interloper, who represents for Kraftwerk and not just Germans but “all the gringos” (via vamanos) —

Charlie v. Colbert

Today / tonight, my ever entertaining, unpredictable, visionary father-in-law (and, yes, now a grandpa, thx to Nico) is going to be on the Colbert Report! He’ll be there primarily to discuss his latest passion, poker as strategic thinking and educational tool (though you never know what might come out of Charlie’s mouth, esp as prodded

MLKy Reflections

Many attempts this weekend to remember some of the things MLK stood for; three I recommend — Juan Cole, “King: War Cannot Achieve Even a Negative Good” Jay Smooth, “Ten OTHER Things Martin Luther King Said” Barack Obama, “The Great Need of the Hour”

Mo’ Nico

Sorry, but I just can’t resist sharing some more pics of our gorgeous little girl. She’s got me open, knamean.


Nico Marshall Nesson, born 17 Jan 2008, 12:37 pm, 8 lbs and 4.4 ozs Mama Becca is a straight-up champion, enduring some hard labor (i.e., “all those pain and suffering“) without the help of drugs or doctors*, and pushing that beautiful baby out in just under 9 hours. Papa Wayne is happy as a clam.

This Is

[this post used to have an embedded player from imeem featuring the apt aesop rock song, “labor” (posted the morning becca went into labor with nico); then myspace bought imeem, closed it down, and decided to put an advertisement here for ringtones instead, so i’ve replaced it with this exciting text and the following video.

No Father To His Style

I’m an unabashed bass booster. This just in from Ol’ Dirty Ghis >> All tracks/beats produced by myself except when specified. It’s a retrospective of my recent works includings tracks from the new album. MP3:> Ghislain Poirier : “Bastard Bass” 1. “No More Blood” [ft. Face-T] 2. “Road Ride Riddim” 3. “East Montreal Riddim”

What Chew Know About Down in the Hole?

I’m not really a TV watcher. Really. I mean, sure, I’ve watched something like 2000 videos on YouTube over the last couple years (and I don’t think that even counts videos embedded in blogs, etc.). But I probably watch OldTube only a couple hours a week at best — like if, say, a big Bawstin

Globalistas e Baptistas

Not long ago, w/r/t global gobbledecrunk, I referred to an interview I gave recently to a Brazilian journalist. The journo in question is Camilo Rocha, who doubles as a DJ (& has a fab disco mix over @ Spannered). The piece was just published in Folha de Sao Paolo, apparently Brazil’s biggest newspaper. I don’t

Baby New Year

It seems natural that babies are such common symbols for the renewal and growth promised by a new year, but for Becca&me a baby is an especially appropriate symbol for the new year, since this year — indeed, this month! — will bring us an actual baby of our own. I’ve been waiting to make