Nico Marshall Nesson, born 17 Jan 2008, 12:37 pm, 8 lbs and 4.4 ozs

Mama Becca is a straight-up champion, enduring some hard labor (i.e., “all those pain and suffering“) without the help of drugs or doctors*, and pushing that beautiful baby out in just under 9 hours.

Papa Wayne is happy as a clam. Tired? You bet. But I could stare at lil cutie at day long. Wake up every 45 minutes and walk her around the house? I’d walk the world for this kid.

Goodbye, sleep. Hello, Nico!

* I can’t say enough about the wonderful place that is the Cambridge Birth Center and the gentle, caring, and utterly competent midwives and nurses who shepherded us through. Becca spent much of her time in a large bathtub, which worked wonders, and the Victorian bedroom she gave birth in was a far cry from a hospital ward. Thanks especially to Christley, Irene, Deb, Tiffany, Gretchen, and our indispensable doula, Georgianna.