Twinkle Sprinkle

Not long ago, Mike Langlie (aka, Twink), one of Boston’s foremost toypiano musicians and remixers of weird kid rekkids (as smashed here), invited me to contribute a remix to a project he’s releasing on CD later this year. It’s a collection of, you guessed it, toypiano music remixes, and it’s called Ice Cream Truckin’. Although not due until late spring or so, it’s got a itspace to whet appetites in the meantime.

My own offering is currently in rotation under the name “Sprinkles.” Over the toypiano lines Mike sent me, I’ve added some sprinkles of Dutch bubblin beats, Boston bounce, and, towards the end, perhaps even an inkling of D. Aside from the hopped-up drums, looped and juxtaposed piano lines, and liberal use of echo, the rest of the work is all Twink’s: from the original toypiano melodies to the (“post-” production) synth skank & bassline. I definitely dig the way it turned out, halftime swing pulling against fulltime drive. There’s a sweet messiness to it, I think — like a good, drippy cone on a hot day.

Ahhh, hot days, they feel so far away