A Farce To Be Reckoned With

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  1. what struck about the dj/rupture review was how the curator’s anxiety interpretation seemed to be based at least in part on a lyric from a tune –

    “Early in the album a reggae song by Clouds issues a warning: “You’re too young to play that sound.”

    I just bought this song on 12” and i think the lyric/vocal is from a Cocoa Tea acapella – a generic sound clash version of “Too Young” – the original tune is about a girl that is too young to date, Cocoa reworks the lyric to call the competing soundboy too young to clash. Clouds overdubbed someone whispering their name in the appropriate spots – among soundclash fans this would be called a “splice” – and not considered a true dubplate

    I wonder if the reviewer is familiar with soundclashing that spawned that lyric – taken out of context i suppose any interpretation could be expected – sort of like how a dub version of a tune can alter the meaning of the lyrics by dropping them out (and choosing which ones stay in)

    btw i love the clouds track and i’m planning to play it sat night, and i haven’t heard the mixtape

  2. Interesting! I had no idea about the provenance of those vocals. And I hadn’t really “listened” to them, despite that I’ve listened to Uproot many times now. I have to say that I doubt Jon Pareles was thinking of soundclash when he wrote that. Seems more to me like he’s reading — rockist style — too much into the lexical register. But maybe that’s just me revealing my biases.

    To go a little further, I didn’t mention that part of the review b/c I thought it was a little silly. There’s plenty more to be anxious about as an “entitled curator” than “respecting the architects” or some formulation thereof. Just seems a little too rootsy to me. This music is more focused on transformation to my ears, if a little haunted by the past.

    If anything, your generous reading of Pareles’s interpretation suggests that it might be better to wonder about the Clouds’ anxieties around & motivations for splicing and dicing the way they do. The debates about neocolonial schizophonia that most recently (?) took place in neo-ragga-jungle — just a few years ago — might need not be retread, however.

    But I like what I’ve heard from Clouds. I’ll listen closer now.

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