Yes, I Call Her Mischievous Boo

Today marks 10 months since Nico joined us. It’s hard to believe, until you take a look and see that she’s already practically walking and talking (well, not quite yet). You know how parents say stuff like, “They grow up so fast.” Well, it’s true. They do. Seriously, our little baby is hardly a baby anymore. Which is crazy. And fun.

Here are some recent moving-pictures of our lil girl in action, showing off some of her new moves, beginning with this little spin trick she’s been doing (b-girl in the making!) —

& believe it or not, nico can already play (and quite enjoys) catch!

&& this “mischievous boo” likes to play coy and run&hide (before bravely/laughingly facing) the attack of the daddy monster —

&&& finally, our jury’s stlll out on this, but it seems that Nico may already be uttering her first word, and, in a little bit of meta-self-awareness, it appears not to be “mama” or “dada” but “baby” (or more accurately, “ba-bay” / “bebĂ©” — no doubt influenced by her Spanish-speaking caretaker, who, sadly, just moved to California [we started 3 days/week of family-care back in September]): as you’ll see below, Nico likes to point to pictures of herself, and then to herself, and then she says that word, or something more like “ba bay … bay bay … ba ba … ba bing,” so, yeah, it’s not so clear, but it sure is suggestive. U be the judge!

2 months to go before we hit one year!? Amazing. Better get cracking on a birthday remix.