Digihad Dancehall, Only in London Innit?

Speaking of the belly of the beast, somehow I missed this first time around, but a UK-based jihadist rap group known as Soul Salah Crew released a Diwali-propelled critique of the War on TerrorĀ® back in 2004. That in itself is not exactly surprising. The UK has been the seat of some searing Islamist critique for some time. What is most striking to me is how easily and un-self-consciously the group expresses their critique through the anti/Babylonian language of reggae and hip-hop —

Some interesting discussion on that video, as you might imagine, including some similarly global youth vernacular (in this case, internetese / 4changuage) employed by “hijabiflower” to lol @ anti-muslim trolls:

America is now broke, Iraq is doing better, and Bin Laden (the actual bad guy) has gotten away with his crime and is living it up somewhere in the mountain with his huge CIA paycheck. Thats called OWNAGE

Be forewarned: the comments, like the video itself, contain some highly disturbing content, much of it — seemingly — c/o US gringo jingos.