Happy Hallobama

someone asked me on flickr whether the image below is “supposed to be scary” —

barack o’lantern by becca

“only,” i replied, “if you’re afraid of a crypto-muslim quasi-communist pseudo-american halloween”

which is, unfortunately, a joke that wouldn’t play in certain parts of this country. but four days out from THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR TIMES (at least i’m told, and feel), i have to admit that i’m not nearly as frightened by the lunatic fringe of rearguard amerrca as i have been in previous elections. i just don’t think they’re gonna decide this one for us. if they do, then i’m gonna have to swallow the hard truth that they aren’t a fringe and we aren’t who i thought we were. and to prepare, moreover, finally to move to canada or the caribbean. (tho i sometimes wonder whether the people’s republic of cambridge isn’t just as good. i mean, let’s face it, here in massachusetts i’ll still be able to get decent social services, and even gay-married, into the foreseeable future.)

if “that one” does pull this off though — which is to say, if young people and frustrated people and purple people come out and vote in droves — then i’m gonna be downright elated. i suspect, round these parts, tuesday night will sound and feel a lot like when brasil wins the world cup and all the brazilians drive around in their cars, beeping and cheering and waving flags out the window. after 8 long years and two major electoral disappointments, i can hardly let myself imagine the feeling. but i gotta admit, my anxieties are allayed by obama’s steadfastness. i truly believe, and have for some time, that he’s got this.

and if it turns out that he does, if it turns out that obama is elected president next tuesday, let me tell you something — and i say this for michelle, who will make an utterly awesome first lady — for the first time in my adult life, i’ll be really proud of my country.

yep, i said it. don’t tell me you don’t agree.

trick or treat? this tuesday, let’s hope for the latter.