Delay Is the Way

We’ve got the one DJ Delay — aka Brian May, aka Beam Up, aka Sonical — in the house at Beat Research tomorrow night. I’ve been into his dub-drenched beats for a minute now, linking to one project (of gritty, bassy Balkan remixes) way back when, e.g. —

After Junior Rodigan’s stunningly sweet set last week, I suspect a slightly more angular, abstract approach to diasporic funk will seem just about right. Hear, for instance, Beam Up’s live set of classic reggae riddims, built from scratch, recorded at the Fusion Festival in Germany last year —

Wearing his Sonical hat, Delay is currently in NYC exhibiting at White Box. For a taste of that, check this —

Another ongoing project, MIDI East, involves some 9000 MIDI files from the Balkans / Turkey, which he’s also making available for others to play around with. Here’s a glimpse of how he’s worked em up:

Come on out if spacey, dubwise Tuesday vibes seem like the proper meds. #noxanax

ps — Adding to the sensory madness, we’ll have twinstars doing live visuals throughout the night!