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Gnawledge @ BR

So stoked to be hosting such a boombumpity bash at Beat Research 2nite —

Celebrating 7 years of outernational hiphop & global bass, DJ Canyon Cody will be joined by Gnotes, Afro DZ ak, Mandeep Sethi and Brooklyn Shanti for a tropical g-funk bday celebration. Founded in the Boston summer of 2004, the Gnawledge crew will perform live music from their upcoming Bengali boombap proyecto, debut new remixes from their flamenco album Granada Doaba, and bump low-end cumbia re-edits from their monthly East Los Angeles party SUBSUELO.

Need I say more? Readers here should need no intro. Gnawledge be producing. Check the latest

Subsuelo – Global Bassment Mixtape [ft. Gnotes, El Canyonazo & DJ Ethos] by Subsuelo

Also, nuff said

which is not exactly wrong