7 Years of Beats Researched

Tonight marks an amazing 7 years of warped records, self-destructing mp3s, and other mutant musical tricknologies at our modest but massive Monday institution, Beat Research!


To celebrate, we’ll be ringing the anniversary alarm with two of our favorite purveyors of bassculture-bred dance musics from the wide, wired world: erstwhile Bostonian DJ Ripley and Boston’s own Vice T.

Readers of this blog are no strangers to friend, colleague, collaborator, and commenter, Larisa Mann, aka DJ Ripley. She’s been rocking parties hardcore for years and blogging about as long as anybody. Ripley’s my kinda cat, if I can say that (why is that word either gendered male or vulgarly female? argh!) — and not just because we wear similar hats.

Larisa practices what she preaches, or better — she let’s (all manner of) practice inform her scholarly sermons. I can’t wait to read her dissertation, and neither should you. In the meantime, she’ll be sharing some ideas from her doctoral research (“decolonizing copyright: Jamaican street dances and globally networked technology”!) at a Berkman Center luncheon on Tuesday — that’s TOMORROW — so you can even watch / chat along.

As for this evening, I’m sure we can expect the sort of trans-genre half-to-double-time steppin stomp that we’ve all come to expect from the talented Ms. Ripley. Here’s a recent set to whet —

Bass, Wobs & Zaps by ripley

Our second special guest, Vice T, has been holding it down for future-now UK dance music in Boston for a few years now, ear to the whatever “ground” it is that runs so swiftly across the pond (one of these, I guess?). Along with the SUBduction crew, he’s been responsible for bringing London luminaries like Roska to the Enormous Room. This mix is a year old, but it still sounds like tonight —

Funky Fresh by Vice T

flashing lights

And here’s a great recent set c/o our guest Ultratumba, whose capacious sense of what works together totally embodies the Beat Research ethos (and you shoulda seen his flashing lights!) —

Ultratumba, Live @ BR 3.7.11

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that Beat Research will be helping to kick off this year’s Together Festival with a BOOM thanks to none other than our Dutty bredrin, Geko Jones! Come catch the Que Bajo?! spirit with us on April 18. Wonder what that sounds like? Here’s a slamming set by Geko, FYI —

Que Bajo mix Geko Jones by TimeOutNewYork