Mujahideen Dairy

  • all of a sudden, it seems, "paper planes" has gone downright viral :: whattaya know?
  • "While the major summer events are noted for bringing in party people from overseas, especially over the near double holiday of Independence and Emancipation Day, during the year many 'fly in' for many smaller parties. And often it is a case of the promoter being based in the foreign land from which most of the guests come to Jamaica for a night of partying. Of course, these activities tend to be centred around the prime migration destinations for Jamaicans and quite a few proudly proclaim the connection, with names like the 'British Link Up' (which will be next held at La Roose, Port Henderson Road, Portmore, on Saturday night) and 'New Jersey Link Up'."
  • interesting, i hadn't realized that yet another reggae/GTA lawsuit was in the works :: although these cases place the question of musical collaboration at the heart of the matter, however, what always ends up in dispute/litigation is not the question of remix/version/collabo culture and how to reconcile that with commerce but, instead, shady business practices :: hence, these get us no closer to any kind of resolution with regard to shared/non ownership of musical recordings :: sigh
  • a forceful, heartfelt op-ed from jamaica in the wake of devastating hurricanes hitting haiti and cuba (thx, ned) :: "For their sins the Cubans and Haitians continue to be punished, the Haitians by slow-motion genocide, by compound interest and by state terrorism, by armed banditry in support of criminal monopolists and by the kidnapping of their elected leader. The Cubans have been punished by terrorism, by invasion, by biological warfare and by a brutal and illegal economic blockade. … It is savagely ironic, or, perhaps, barbarically ironic that it is the Cubans who should be treated in this way. When people are in trouble anywhere in the world the Cubans send help, no matter what the state of relations is with their governments, to Honduras, Guatemala and Pakistan among others. When Katrina hit the US, the Cubans organised a 1,500-strong medical brigade which would have saved many lives, had their help been accepted."
  • "In attempting to unravel the chaotic rhythms of the sperm whale clicks, he was struck by the similarity between his underwater recordings and African tribal music. A Senegalese griot (drummer) confirmed the likeness and — amazingly — was able to pick individual whales from André’s recordings through their distinctive rhythmic structures." :: oh man, some afro-futch/sci-fi writer is gonna have a speculative field day with this one, no doubt, but i bet the Senegalese griot becomes a Rasta in the adaptation
  • woo-hoo! the mix machine continues its promising series with another blast-from-the-past dre roadium swap meet tape (thx, u_meek_collaborator)
  • article on lil wayne's success "despite" (more like "because of," no?) the degree to which his tracks are passed around for free :: interesting tidbit, among others: "In April, before his album was leaked, Lil Wayne was the most pirated artist on file-sharing networks, going by BigChampagne, a company that tracks peer-to-peer online activity. Fans who downloaded Lil Wayne songs took an average of 10 of his tracks; fans of other pop artists only took an average of two per act."

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