It’s a News Story

Charlie Nesson has been on a YouTube tear of late. And though, given that his clips often lack a certain coherence, I look fwd to the day that my dear dad-in-law (“in law” indeed) becomes a video wiz, I love that he’s been embracing the tech (as always) and launching headlong into exploring and sharing the possibilities.

And sharing some real gems, too, including interviews with Twins of Twins and the former Prime Ministers of Jamaica (ok, that one’s a dud, but it’s illuminating when watched in conjunction with Twins’ response), and this latest retro-bit, a clip from a Fred Friendly seminar that features Charlie grilling a bunch of big news dudes in his own inimitable way. As he frames it:

This is it, just as i received it from Rich Kilberg, who now runs Fred Friendly Seminars, my most fondly remembered seminar, the first we did televised for national tv. Fun to see how young we were in 1982. i’m posting just the first fifteen minutes. Beware the first thirty seconds of blackness. i didn’t want to cut even that.

After this i was offered a Sunday morning affairs program by CBS and turned it down, not wanting to go commercial. Hail to Fred Friendly. He could put a table together.

More of these, please!