Unknown Shippers

For really tho, how impossible can it be to send a guitar to Botswana?

Post Office says it’s too big for them to ship; UPS wants to charge me more than the thing is worth; and my most recent attempts to send it as cargo via airline (as recommended by my fren there) have been greeted by frustrating replies such as —

Hello Wayne:

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship directly with Unknown Shippers.
After September 11th, strict guidelines were put into place and
unknown shippers, such as yourself, may only ship on aircraft’s that carry freight only.
As you know Virgin Atlantic is a passenger airline.

Cargo aircraft only operators include Federal Express, UPS and DHL.
These carriers are exempt from the “known shipper” rule and are more lenient
on the size and weight.

You can contact our Virgin reservations (1-800-862-8621) and ask for a quote on excess baggages.

If the pieces are too heavy or too large for Virgin Atlantic to carry, I’m sure one of the cargo aircraft only airlines would be helpful. The only other option is to contact with a freight forwarder. …

Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

Thank you so much for your inquiry

Best Regards Always,

Any recommendations? I mean, how do Botswanans living in the states send care packages back home? Surely they do.