Globalistas’ Vistas

!! Tonight at Beat Research !!

two top-notch worldly/whirledly DJs: Maga Bo and Chief Boima

neither of whom should be a stranger to readers of this bloggg

As described here last year, Boima embodies global flows, reppin Sierra Leone via Wisconsin and the Bay Area. His Diamonds for Sierra Leone mix offers up his idiosyncy take on the sounds of Salone, and he was holding it down for cumbia well ahead of the critical curve. Need I remind you that he’s also responsible for the imaginative inspiration of the Barack Star mixtape?

& y’all know Bo. The Rio-based American ex-pat’s been tearing up actual and virtual dance spaces for a minute now. I’ve been hooked ever since I caught Bo’s inaugural Blentcast, and he’s hardly slowed down since. His latest blips on the blogosphere: 1) the latest contribution to the Blogariddims series; and 2) a vivid video shot in Dakar, offering a glimpse of what we’ll hear (and see!) on his upcoming album, Archipelagoes, via Soot Records

Globalistas? Sure. Each in their own way. Tho I gotta say, I’m rly feeling Bo’s “transnational bass” line at the moment.


Speaking of Soot, allow me to mention that we’re also having a special Thursday edition of Beat Research THIS THURSDAY featuring none other than the don dada original globalista DJ himself, /rupture. If you’re in town, come on out for some low-key low-end theory: vieja y nueva cumbia, digital dubness, and no doubt genres heretofore unheard and unjuxtaposed. Special gunpowder all around.


And continuing on our whirled tour, Ghislain Poirier‘s video for “Blazin” has finally hit the tubes, a fitting, fit-to-be-tied mash of dancehall stylee and ice hockey. Canuck if you buck!