Fight the Sour

now i know my CBCs

It’s a gorgeous day in Cambridge. The first day (that I’ve been here anyway — think I missed a couple while in Austin) that you want to wear a t-shirt outside, spend all day outside, cook meat outside, drink delicious beers outside, and listen to music like this —

      >>>> melonhands, fatmix


Between my own desire to share this charming mix, curated with care by Melonhands, and with recommendations (to dead links!) from Hua and requests from afar (incl amigos from Rio!), the sunny springy vibes were enough to compel a lil affective labor, extracting these notorious mixes from ye olde iPod. The following mix is my best guess at the actual infringer; just to test the bots a little, I’m pasting an img of the tracklist instead of the actual text.

      >>>> melonhands, i need dubs