Listening Log #425963

A few recent projects of note landed in my inbox last week. And though I don’t have the time to really give them the write-ups they deserve (and don’t get me started on the backlog of projects I need to big-up), they each grabbed my attention — a remarkable feat in this age of info-glut — and I’ll definitely be giving them some spins tonight at Beat Research. So allow me to pass along some links —

1) DJ Orion, who’ll be appearing on MuddUp Radio this evening, has just released a collection of cumbia remixes, which I definitely endorse. You can stream and/or buy the tracks over at bandcamp, where you can name your price too. Orion says, “anywhere between 0-$1 Million will help, thanks!”

2) DJ Delay keeps the brass’n’bass connections going with his own “album” of remixes of, as he puts it, “mostly south eastern european” sources, done up “in a dub aesthetic but not always inna reggae style.” The first track revisits Tremor’s “Viajante,” keeping some cumbia in the whirled mix.

3) And Out:Here records, a German outfit specializing in current African sounds (from Africa and beyond), offers an EP to tease a forthcoming compilation highlighting the (incredible and still underappreciated) South African house scene. In case those four bangers still leave you wanting, Schlachthofbronx have gone and done a remix of Mujava’s contribution bringing it squarely into the world2.0 matrix.

I’m also well overdue for another “Mix, A Lot” post, but it’s hard enough to find the time to listen, never mind recommend. In lieu of that proper accounting, let me point you to this amazing page collecting every BBC essential mix from the last 15 years! SINK DEEP, like so —

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