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With their latest greatest up-to-the-timeness (actually, an overview of 08), the Heatwave remind me that I should really bring more of the many mixes I enjoy to yr attn.

These days, and for the last several years really — ever since the rise of the mp3/blog mix (h/t L-R?) — I listen to music mainly in mixed form. I download mixes at the rate of about one per day (though it feels like more than that). They range anywhere from 15 minutes to 2.5 hrs and from genre-hopping/mashing exercises to downright “purist” explorations of a particular style, subgenre, or artist.

Mixes are like little worlds to themselves, opening up for me to enter and inhabit. I enjoy the way they can transport me like that — especially when walking, driving, and cooking.

Although I do a great deal of tagging and annotating and sharing my web wanderings, I don’t take the time/effort to shed some shine on every mix I dig. But I wish I did. So here’s an attempt to call attn to a few faves from the last month/year that have caught my ear and remain on rotation —

  • Timeblind’s Flora had my earbuds on lock for much of the winter. Centered on dubsteppy sounds, but ranging into reggae, hip-hop, and some srsly off-kilter techno, among others, it somehow suited early evenings and long nights.
  • So did Lone Wolf’s Nightwind, released last spring and still holding a precious spot on my not-so-spacious 4gb iPhone. (For the record, though, I think I most enjoyed it mid-morning on a coffee buzz.) Full of trancey hip-house&b bangers mixed up and sloooooooooooowed down, the tracks keep opening up in unexpected ways. (If ur into “screwed oddities,” you might also like this.)
  • More recently, I’ve been really getting into all the house and techno coming out of (or filtered thru / inspired by) Africa, especially South Africa. Check Spoek Mathambo’s H.I.V.I.P. (!) mixes (here and here) for wonderfully weird refractions off the global disco ball. Also well worth your time: DJ Zhao’s Ngoma 2 and 3, as well as the “obscurer” followup mix it elicited from DJ Deep. (If you haven’t heard Zhao’s sui generis Fusion 1 btw, it’s absolutely arresting in its old “world” meets nu-whirled aesthetic.) One final tip of the cap to Zhao for pointing me to this DJ Cndo track, which says “funky” house its own awesome way and makes me wish for a South African house invasion.
  • I’ve also been enjoying funky house per se, esp the epic Marcus Nasty sets for Rinse FM and 1extra, this excellent intro/overview by Dj OneDrop, and last but beast, Grievous Angel’s recent radio rip. (Speaking of which, if totally tangentially, don’t miss DJ /Rupture’s NYC radio mambo violento set, remastered and reblogged here.)
  • Finally, far as spotlights go, I wanna shine a lil light on Nicholas Jaar’s recent mix for Air Drop Records. Talk about funky house! What really grabs me about this one, though, is the constant presence of samples from all over the place, especially horns, voices, and percussion — good “earthy” sounds. They add a great deal to the musical and affective texture, especially in contrast to the more mechanical sounding synthwerk, and Jaar does a very nice job weaving them in and out over some smooth-but-bumpy mnml-ish grooves. Sound design indeed!

Finally, just to illustrate/document my willy-nilly collection of mixes (and point you in further directions), here’s a list of all the ones I’ve downloaded since Jan 1 2009, in whatever random order resulted from copying&pasting out of my finder. Google em if ur curious, most should still be up somewhere —

teleost – process part 122.mp3
subfm mix feb 2009 (Timeblind).mp3
Rinse FM – Blackdown & Dusk (29-01-2009).mp3
playa blanca mixtape.mp3
Pandai’a Studio Mix (Feb 09).mp3
nzzustamixx Ruffull.mp3
noah gibson – process part 121.mp3
Moulay El-Hassan_ Essaouira.mp3
Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 6.zip
Luny Tunes Presents Calle 434 (2009).rar
kid kameleon – nse 12.28.08.mp3
Fairtilizer 24798 – UMB – GLOBAL GHETTOTECH.mp3
Cumbias con bass.mp3
Butterz Ft. Terror Danjah – 13-02-09 – GrimeForum.com..mp3
FACT Mix 30 – Joakim (Feb 09).mp3
djmicron- intertwined mix 10JAN2009.mp3
VA – I Ride on Gilded Spinners
Actionable Flattery 1.mp3.zip
baile funk ol skoolmix.mp3
auratheft – Oceans 11. Jamaican Soul Jazz Originals. Volume II.mp3
Afrocan House Mix.mp3
Adelaide Deep.mp3
dj zhao – NGOMA VOL. 2.mp3
dj zhao – NGOMA 3_ Zulu House, Afro Electro, UK Funky.mp3
Dj Sin-Cero – Presenta Guelo Star La Pelicula Viviente ((The Oficial Mixtape)) (2009).rar

15 thoughts on “Mix, A Lot

  1. Delighted that you checked out my recent mixes. Looks like zhao has been playing a blinder! Looking forward to copping the african gear, very much the sound of “now” so thank you for preselecting some for me. Recommend the recent brackles vs oneman rinse show for twisted refreshed garage.

  2. Thx for the rec, Paul. Much as I feel inundated at times, I’m happy to tread water with my headphones on.

    And, dave, stumbled on your blog a couple weeks ago and have been really enjoying it. Kindred sounds and such!

  3. Wayne, very cool–thanks! I’m listening to the audio poverty Ghana mix. The first sample up there is by King Ayisoba. He’s repeating the lines “Ghanaians, we are modern Ghanaians” and “My name Ayisoba, from Bolgatanga City.”

    Bolgatanga is my hometown! It’s the capital of the Upper East Region, a very underdeveloped and densely populated region in the… upper… and east… part of Ghana. I blogged Ayisoba when that album came out: http://jprschaefer.blogspot.com/2007/01/king-ayisoba.html but I haven’t followed him since.

  4. Hey Wayne. I am so on board with mainly downloading music in 15 minute to 1 hour chunks. But sometimes I get lazy, or busy and feeling like I shouldn’t go anywhere near my RSS reader.

    Mad Descent, Resident Advisor, and Federation all have podcasts, so I end up following them. Any good sources in podcast form?

  5. co-sign on blogariddims! (for obv reasons) that series is done — no new ones — but 50+ hours of carefully curated music is a lot to catch up on if you haven’t been following along.

    if you’re looking for podcasts/rss mixes, i posted a similar rundown a couple years ago of pods i cast — not sure how many are still extant, but probably quite a few. (i’ve stopped rss’ing podcasts for a number of reasons — the main one being that i “pull” so much music off the net these days, i can hardly deal with having it also “pushed” at me.)

    also, podomatic & fairtilizer both seem to be brimming with mixes.

  6. Always keen to hear a new one from yourself, selection and mix is always fire, if ya find you have days to spare listen to mine :)


    Filastine-Qúemalo ya(Inst)
    Ghislain Poirier feat FaceT-No More Blood(Deadbeat rmx)
    Dj/Rupture feat Pe’Ere-Little More Oil
    Verbal Skool
    DjC-Seaya Face Version
    Ghislain Poirier-Taqasim Verson
    Nobel Society-Swarm(Zuzuku Cumba Klash rmx)
    Patric C-Raggawhack
    Missy-I’m Really Hot
    Com.a & Dj Shiro-Fire Camp(More fire rmx)
    Strategy Bwoy
    Istari Lasterfahrer-Crying Game
    Bogdan Raczynski-Untitled
    The Bug feat Warrior Queen-Insane
    Cuti Sadda-Dancehall of Death(Cardopusher v’s Speedranch rmx)
    Bong-ra-Necrogoat(Short edit)
    Filastine-Judas Goat
    Dj Elected-Potato(One blood)
    LFO Demon-British Telekom Harlequin
    Enduser-Bollywood Breaks(Line47 rmx)
    Mochipet-Dessert Search for Techno Baklava
    Maga Bo feat Bigg-3akel
    2/5 BZ-Militant Oriental
    Dj Elected-Potato42(Ended Lovers)

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