Riddim Meth0d Riposte

Sadly, our ol’ group blog, Riddim Meth0d (actually, named after the article), has fallen into disuse and disrepair, w/ 400,000 unmoderated comments and countless foreign phishing outposts that have long slipped past the outmoded filters — not to mention, no new posts for almost 2 years now. I myself last posted there back in May 2007. I suppose I stopped in part because of a certain lack of collective drive, but also because I had enough — any and all, really — that I wanted to say here. (It was always hard to decide what should go there, as opposed to and/or cross-posted here.)

For a time, though, back in 2005-06, I was approaching Riddim Meth0d as its own special space for sharing what I’ve called musically-expressed ideas about music — things that I felt were especially consistent with our Mission Statement:

music leads us into the world.

music connects us with each other.

music speaks volumes about who we are and where we’re at.


we speak with music as well as words.

we are beat-matching, beat-mashing, and beat-fashioning people.

we dub history, version worlds, retrace tributaries, spin stories.

we see music as performance, riddim as method.

we are media restructurists.

we like to share.

-the riddim methodists

Mostly, I was posting what we might think of as “pedagogical mashups” — juxtapositions of tracks that seemed to signify on each other in interesting, even instructive, ways. I think many of them have held up over the years, and so, while we wait for Riddim Meth0d to receive the museum treatment (probably relocating, embalmed & phishy-free, to one of our own sites), in the meantime, just for my own records (and perhaps for some who missed the posts the first time around), I’m going to be reposting a bunch of my favorite contributions to the site right here at W&W. Just a headsup–

You’ll be able to browse them with this tag.