Two Talks This Week

First, tomorrow @ MIT (5:15pm, 14E-310):

What can we learn about contemporary culture from watching dayglo-clad teenagers dancing geekily in front of their computers in such disparate sites as Brooklyn, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, and Mexico City? How has the embrace of “new media” by so-called “digital natives” facilitated the formation of transnational, digital publics? More important, what are the local effects of such practices, and why do they seem to generate such hostile responses and anxiety about the future?


Next, Thursday @ Princeton (4:30pm, McCormick Hall 101):

A roundtable featuring myself and my co-editor Raquel, the brilliant blogger Marisol LeBron, DJ El Niño (one of my key consultants while writing my chapter for the book), Ines “Deevani” Rooney (aka, reggaeton singer and sister of Luny), and the great Miguel Luciano (whose Pure Plantainum pic really makes our book cover POP).

9 thoughts on “Two Talks This Week

  1. Wish I could make the reggaeton roundtable. Would be fascinating to hear “Deevani” speak for herself. I’ve been tracking down the Hindi choruses she lifts, and I’ve got to give it to her, the songs she “samples” might not be all that hot overall, but she grabs the catchy vocal parts all right. If only she could hit the notes as well as the original playback singers.


  2. I second IK. I once heard the tape of an interview with Deevani that revealed how culturally attuned she is to a lot of things — a DiaspoDominican Deluxe. That’s one powerhouse panel, Wayne, wish I could be there!

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