Masala Mini Mix

I’ve been listening to the MasalaCISM radio show for years, so it was a thrill to finally make it over to the studio when I was in Montreal last weekend. Extra bonus: Poirier and Dub Boy (in from Bristol for Karnival v.1) were also Bendude‘s guests that evening.

Benoit started red hot with uptempo dancehall, funana, and kuduro, and Dub Boy’s mix is on some hard hitting funky bashment vibes, so I hope my 90 bpm-ish interlude is a welcome shift in tempo if not mood and not too discordant with the flow. I’ve been playing about half my sets these days in the 80-100 range, letting me mix old school kraut electro with nueva cumbia with all kinds of hip-hop with any manner of dubwise, leftfield bass excursions, and I felt like representing that.

Plus, I definitely wanted to play that ol’ bouncy, cracklin Ghis track, since he was there and all, & Kiddid‘s bonafide burner, “O Dela,” which I think I’ve played in just about every set for the last, I dunno, six months or more. Dude really needs to put that joint out.

Here’s the tracks in a list* —

Kraftwerk, “The Man Machine”
El Remolon ft. Fauna, “Revienta”
Poirier, “Don’t Smile, It’s Post-Modern”
KidDid, “O Dela”
Anti-Pop Consortium, “Reflections”
Chancha Vía Circuito ft. Kumbha Kethu, “Bosques Vía Temperley”
Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program, “Lisa Bonet”
Frikstailers, “Onda Miercolera”
Mad Professor, “50 Pence Dub”
Roots Manuva, “Man Fi Cool”
A Tribe Called Quest, “Start It Up”

And [update!], since Hua called it tasty and all, here’s a rip of the mini set on its own —

w&w, masalaCISM radio, 3oct09 (18min, 42mb)

Hear the whole show here. & if you’re the subscribing type, definitely sign on to the Masala podcast. C’est bon!

* obv, big props to the ZZK crew too, who are responsible for 3 of the 11 tracks I dropped